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This roots-rock ballad describes the complicated negotiations that go into every egalitarian romance. “It's about the early stages of a relationship, when you’re trying to communicate that this is not about getting married; it's about going on a journey together. It’s a woman saying, ‘I’ve got my own plan, my own destiny that needs to be defended.’” The journey metaphor is extended into a description of a cross-country bike ride through corn fields with no definite destination but a commitment to “continue to ride.” David's patient-but-forceful guitar melody reinforces the lyrics’ blend of independence and compromise. The pedal steel guitar added by guest Ahren Bucheister underlines that sense of loss, as do the hymnal harmonies by all four members of the Bonafides.


Wind is high where I”m going
i can’t say where I’ve been but
We are made out of clay
Shatter and start again
I’m not a threat to your freedom
I'm defending my own master plan
From the nightmares that used to bite at my heels
Before I learned how to dance

I don’t know and neither do you
YOu can’t see and neither can I
The landscape repeats, an old-fashioned cartoon
Still we continue to ride

Knee high by july
Something borrowed and something blue
All these rules fool the fools
I don’t need a frame to picture you
If you think that you’re at the helm of your destiny
That I hold the world in the palm of my hand
Just watch the mountain bow to the valley
See the ocean defined by the sand


from Parts & Labor, released February 27, 2015
recorded & mixed by Steve Steckler at Asparagus Media. Ahren Bucheister on pedal steel.




Letitia VanSant Baltimore, Maryland

Letitia VanSant & the Bonafides are a Baltimore & Washington, DC -based quartet that straddle the boundary between acoustic string band music, roots rock, and the confessional folk of a singer-songwriter.


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