Gut It to the Studs

by Letitia VanSant

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released February 2, 2018

Produced by Alex Lacquement
Co-produced by Don Godwin and Letitia VanSant
Recorded and mixed by Don Godwin of Airshow, Takoma Park, MD
Mastered by Randy LeRoy of Airshow, Takoma Park, Md


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Letitia VanSant Baltimore, Maryland

Letitia VanSant is a singer-songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland.


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Track Name: Where I'm Bound
As my mother lay dying she called me to her side
My time draws near my dear so listen close my child
Someday you will find yourself on some beaten path
Some well-traveled highway with deep and narrow tracks

You'll wake up and realize you don't like where it goes
Land of broken promises and streets of fool's gold
All of your companions will fear the unknown
You will have to travel light for you will go alone

Though I cannot see I know the path's in front of me
Though I cannot see I know just where I'm bound

Woods will be so deep and thick you won't know what's ahead
So dark that you can't see beyond your next step
You'll look up at the heavens your map in the stars
Yes my dear you'll be guided by the compass in your heart

When you reach your new home on some sunny day
Slowly others will follow on the trail that you made
On their dark journeys they won't be so afraid
For you traveled not by sight but by your certain faith
Track Name: Gut It to the Studs
Like sand caught in my bedsheets it is rubbing raw my chest
Makes me pace in all these circles, wakes me nightly in a sweat
These darker hours before the dawn are where I keep my regrets
My mind says everything is fine but my heart chomps at the bit

Is it wrong to want what I want?
To find what's right gotta gut it to the studs

Well something here is not quite right yeah something's all messed up
I am knocking down the walls tonight gotta gut it to the studs
I know that I must sacrifice all the sentimental stuff
Gotta get the wires a-running right 'fore the dry wall goes back up

There are people risking all they have in fragile little boats
But me I lay here in my bed reading Wendell Berry quotes
Well he has something figured out, yes he knows how to hope
And that's a skill that I might need in a fragile little boat

Have we got the gumption to believe that we could start anew
It could be called naeivety or the foolishness of youth
But only fools can sleep in homes with the cracks a-running through
Yes we must build from the very studs something level something true
Track Name: Come Sit By My Fire
Oh my friend I can only stand at the edge of your sadness
And let the sorrow lap against my feet
And I can't walk that lonesome valley for you
I can only sing you to sleep

Oh and I can't speed the coming of the dawn
I can't dredge the murky depths of your soul
I can't change that we all die alone
I can only drive you home

Oh my friend I can only hold up this mirror
And hope it answers some of your desire
And I can't help that the winter's dark and long
But come sit by my fire

How many times has my shoulder been cold
And passed a stranger struggling on the road
Or the pain of friends have I sometimes ignored
Well here's my hand to hold

And at the beach they'd fly the kites so high
The fragile threads connect them to the sky
And down below are watching you and I
With tender hearts and longing in our eyes
Track Name: Taking Back the Reigns
I feel beneath my feet this stairway of stone
My mission calls me down these ancient catacombs
Won't be long before the torch dies
Nothing but darkness for my eyes
This task I must complete alone

Too many years I've been walking in my sleep
My actions guided by these forces unseen
I'll wait forty days and forty nights
My demon hiding out in his disguise
I came to look him in the eye

There is a hole down in the heart of every man
Its hunger swallows everything in its path
I will learn its face and I will learn its name and
I am taking back the reigns

My fear of famine transformed to a selfish greed
Of this shameful sin well I do guilty plead
Stole more than I begged or borrowed
Caused others a world of sorrow
I came to tame this reckless beast

If every man has this fear down in his soul
Then left unchecked it will rule the whole world
I will learn its face and I will learn its name and
I am taking back the reigns
Track Name: Bluebird
A bluebird came to stay with me, it taught me how to see
All the meaning in the ether and the city's poetry
My life's pieces fit together like the notes in a melody
The future shimmered like the dawn across an uncomplaining sea

Bluebird oh come back to me, oh please

One day I woke and it was gone
Did it die, was it never there at all
Did I frighten it with my awfulness
Did I ne'er deserve its song
Disenchantment spread its dull gray haze
Over all my restless days
Storms they scattered what was left of my pathetic trophy case

Made a model in its likeness out of paper tape and string
But then the downpour left it all a mess of soggy memory
And so I watch the cloudy skies for a sign of its return
Breadcrumbs scattered at my window I am sad and taciturn
Track Name: The Field
My soul is a field where love may grow
Though it hasn't in a long while
But I'll pick up my plough and I'll pick up my hoe
For the soil is rocky and dry

Oh let me feel the sunshine
Oh let me feel the rain
Let me remember in the leaner times
That I'll reap what I've sown once again

Let me find all the hard lumps of clay in my heart
Let me soften them with my own hands
Let me dig down a well to the water's source
Let it flow, and nourish the land

Let me take down the fences that keep others out
Let them come and take what they need
Let us sit at a table and eat our fill
And be grateful for tomorrow's seed
Track Name: Wild Heart Roam
You can't drink from a glass that's been broken
You can't turn the shifting sand back into stone
You can't shut a door once it's open
You can't stop her from traveling alone

Let her wild heart roam
Cause there's fever in her bones

Well yours is not the beauty you've beholden
Though you wish you had a little to call your own
Whatever you thought you had was stolen
You can't stop her from traveling alone
Track Name: Dandelion
They paved over this paradise before you were born
Left an asphalt desert of strip mall stores
It's like your only purpose is to buy what they sell
Toss your every precious penny down a bone dry well

Searched for your story but
You have no memories of
the roots you need to grow
How can you dig deep enough
When parking lots are covering up
All the sacred ground

In a moment of despair you looked at your feet
Saw a rebel dandelion pushing through the street
Closed your eyes and blew the petals with a breathless ease
Watched your wishes carried off by a restless breeze
It was thus that you discovered you're a sower of seeds
That will someday bust up the concrete

You feel a single raindrop the heavens are opening up
You're part of a greater plan
The roots buck the pavement the leaves are escaping
They'll liberate this land

I know you have sown a thousand seeds
I know they can set this hard earth free
I hope that someday we'll all be free
Track Name: Sundown Town
Some people say this city is block by block
Some places you should go and some you should not
Let your nightmare guide your footsteps
Let your fear draw the map
Oh, better safe than sorry
With a gun against your back

Roll up your windows and lock your doors
Perhaps it is a fiction but it's one you can't ignore
Go back home and sleep soundly on the right side of the tracks
They don't want your dreams to linger with the cold hard facts

It's a sundown town
oh people like you they shouldn't hang around
Won't take long to figure out
oh people like you they shouldn't hang around

Well if you try to find me
I'll be safe here at home
I want maximum security,
I detest the unknown
There are thousands out there like me
All nestled in their shells
We'll watch others fight for freedom
From the safety of their cells

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