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This lovely, string-band evocation of rural living was inspired by Letitia’s trips to her family reunions at a 16th century house on the Mattaponi River in Virginia. “The house was owned by my Great Aunt Letitia,” the younger Letitia explains, “Now every time there’s a big storm, the river takes out more of the bank.”


THe long rows of cotton turn to soybeans and corn
And what was once gravel is asphalt
Well I think our vices our bound to transform
with each starry-eyed generation

The tea is still sweet and the crickets still sing
But termites they threaten foundations
The river takes a piece of the bank each year
The thicket advances each spring
The chess set misses its queen

We city folk long for our roots in the fields
But it’s such a long drive to the country
I barely find time just to eat with my family
Seems that it’s just too soon monday

The bible’s now the self-help section
With prices we’re willing to pay
The meaning of my resurrection
Is the fact that I get up every day


from Parts & Labor, released February 27, 2015
recorded & mixed by Steve Steckler at Asparagus Media




Letitia VanSant Baltimore, Maryland

Letitia VanSant & the Bonafides are a Baltimore & Washington, DC -based quartet that straddle the boundary between acoustic string band music, roots rock, and the confessional folk of a singer-songwriter.


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